Tomato Sauce Recipe

Try this Tomato Sauce Recipe!

From Shannon Sollinger: to use any time you need tomato sauce — spaghetti, lasagna, sloppy joes, liven up a soup…

Core about 10 lb tomatoes (recipe said plum, I used a mixture of heirloom and Early Girl) — chop coarsely into large bowl, add 1T sugar, some salt. Let it sit and get nice and juicy.

Brown 6 garlic cloves, halved, in 1 C extra virgin olive oil in large soup pot. When they are crispy and everything smells garlicky, remove the cloves. Add tomatoes, 6-10 coarsley chopped sweet banana peppers, several sweet Italian peppers, 1 C loosely pack basil leaves. Bring to a simmer, simmer for 2-3 hours.

Let cool. Put whole mixture through a food mill and discard solids. Freeze for happy cooking next winter.

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