Brossman’s is OPEN daily 9:30am – 6:30pm, weather permitting. Strawberries, sweet corn, sugar baby watermelon, and cantaloupe now available!

Father’s Day Cookout? We’ve got you covered! Strawberry shortcakes, Lemon Lush Desserts, Pies, Fried Pies! Rolls, breads, mini breads and fresh baked homemade loaves!

Father’s Day Gifts! Handcrafted wooden benches, patio planters, homemade strawberry shortcakes!

Planting a garden? We’ve got you covered! Vegetable plants, herbs, our own potting mix, and ready-to-use fertilizer.

Stop by! We can’t wait to see you!

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Brossman’s was featured in the 2017 Buy Fresh Buy Local Food Guide:

Strawberries! Brossman's is featured in the 2017 Buy Fresh Buy Local Food Guide.


See In the Market for produce that is currently in season. Check the Calendar for upcoming dates on seasonal produce.